Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
Cable, Ted
Designation Professor of Recreation Resources
On Campus Address : 1611 Throckmorton
Kansas State University Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone(s) : 785/532-1408
Fax : 785/532-5894
E-mail : tcable@ksu.edu
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Area(s) of
: Natural and Cultural Heritage Interpretation, Ecotourism, Park & Natural Resource Management
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Cable was born in California but grew up in Lansing, Illinois, a Chicago suburb with easy access to the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan. His childhood interests in these surroundings lead Cable to pursue a degree in Biology from the University of Illinois – Chicago. He then got his teaching certificate and began teaching at the high school level in nearby Indiana. Eventually he chose to return to the college setting to attain his M.S. and Ph.D., in Wildlife Ecology and Forest Recreation respectively, from Purdue University.

Armed with his Ph.D., Cable came to Manhattan, Kansas and has stayed and enjoyed his time here because as he states, “I have been given the freedom to gain knowledge and extend my sphere of influence through speaking engagements, writing and travel.”

Since he first began his appointment at Kansas State University in 1984, Cable has moved up from Assistant Professor to full Professor in 1995 and Assistant Department Head in 2002. When prompted about his focus for his students, Cable replied, “I want them to see the bigger picture, to think beyond Kansas, to think internationally and not limit themselves geographically, but rather to see and seek opportunities which encompass the world.” Cable’s own world view has also allowed him to travel to 30 countries and every US state except North Dakota. Cable is a Fellow Member of the National Association for Interpretation, a non-profit organization for advancing the profession of heritage interpretation.

Additionally, he has been asked to help design several nature parks and preserves. According to Cable, “you create a tract of land to produce targeted experiences…like a manufacturing plant, you’re manufacturing happiness and inspiration.”

“My avocation [activities in addition to one’s principal occupation] is my vocation. I love to travel and write,” says Cable. He also enjoys bird watching and has written four books on the subject.

B.S. Biology, University of Illinois - Chicago, 1974
M.S. Wildlife Ecology, Purdue University, 1980
Ph.D. Forest Recreation, Purdue University, 1984